The Cat from the Sky, a 12 x 16 oil, was a gift to one of the artist's nieces

The Cat From the Sky

THE CAT FROM THE SKY is the story that artist Clemence St. Laurent wrote for one of her grand-nieces, the daughter of one of her sister’s daughters, to accompany the painting she gave her on the same theme. (Translated from French by Denise Motard).

The Cat from the Sky

Aline was still too young to go to school. Since she was often alone in her parents’ large house, she was bored, except when her friend Pierre was visiting her. Then they could play together.

Pierre had a nice dog that followed him everywhere and was happily jumping around the two children. Aline wished she had a cat, just to herself, a cat that could have slept on her bed every night.

But her parents didn’t like the idea of having a cat in the house. They were afraid the cat would scratch the furniture or climb in the velvet curtains. One day, Aline’s mom said, “If I ever accept a cat in this house, it will be because if fell from the sky!”

Raminagrobis is a real calico cat who loves her comfort.
Happy Cat From the Sky!

The little girl was sad as she felt that it was not possible that some day, it would rain cats from the sky, and even less possible that cats would fall with the snow.

Summer was gone, also the beautiful fall colours, and then large patches of snow covered the landscape like a huge white carpet. It was November, then came December.

In spite of the cold and the bad weather, Pierre was still coming often to play with Aline. The children were going out for long walks in the countryside around their homes. Sometimes, each of them would go half the way, and they would meet at the trail curve.

One day, as the little boy was heading toward his friend Aline’s home with his dog, he heard meowing. He looked around him, trying to find out where these plaintive, feeble sounds were coming from. Then he saw a kitty, shivering and snuggled between two frosty branches along the trail. He checked around and couldn’t see anyone. This kitty was really lost and orphaned. As he was taking it in his hands, his little friend came over with her sled. He offered her the kitty, which she took and hugged against her to warm it up. What a joy for her, and sheer luck for the kitty!

When Aline came home with Pierre and the two animals, mom and dad were a bit shocked – what a find! Pierre and Aline were looking at the two adults with imploring eyes. Knowing full well that having a cat would make their daughter so happy, her parents relented and accepted the cat. This animal really seemed to have ‘fallen from the sky’.

This happened near Christmas, and because Aline was so happy with her kitty, she refused any other gift that year! She gave big hugs to her parents and Pierre!

Auntie Clemence