This page is showing some STILL LIFE paintings by artist Clemence St. Laurent. Although traditionally paintings of flowers are part of that category, only those flower paintings with added objects such as fruits or lace cloths on a table are shown here.

Please check the FLOWERS OTHER THAN ROSES, and the ROSES pages for the vast majority of flower paintings by artist Clemence St. Laurent.

A note on the ‘Mexicana’ painting below – Mrs. St. Laurent has traveled a few times to Mexico and was very attracted to the Mexican culture, art and music. She even learned to speak Spanish!

THE WATERMARK ON THE PHOTOS DOES NOT APPEAR ON THE ACTUAL PAINTINGS. You can zoom on each painting available for sale by clicking on the + sign.

The price of each individual painting is shown in Canadian dollars. To place an order please go to this page: ORDERING.

The artwork original titles in French are mentioned first, followed by an English title in brackets.

Red roses in a round light blue vase with yellow and blue lines, with fruits on each side, on a white place mat lined with lace - oil - 10 x 8
Fleurs, fruits et dentelle (Flowers, Fruits and Lace – oil – 10 x 8 – $1,095
Still life showing a black lacquer vase with a dark bowl encrusted with shells, on top of a dark blue and red shawl
Mexicana – 1960 – oil – 8 x 10 – $1,050
A high vase in lavender and purple tones with mauve flowers, surrounded by fruits - oil - 5 x 4
Vase et fruits (Vase and Fruits) – oil – 5 x 4 – $1,050