Although Clemence St. Laurent has painted several SEASCAPES, only one is currently available for sale in that category.

However this page is also showing additional seascape-related scenes that the artist has created over her career.

Many of the latter paintings were inspired by scenery in the various countries the artist has traveled to, for example Mexico, Spain, Barbados, France, in addition to Canada.

THE WATERMARK ON THE PHOTO DOES NOT APPEAR ON THE ACTUAL PAINTING. You can zoom on each painting available for sale by clicking on the + sign.

he price of each individual painting is shown in Canadian dollars. To place an order please go to this page: ORDERING.

The artwork original titles in French are mentioned first, followed by an English title in brackets.

A windsurfer on Chaleur Bay, Quebec, with Appalachian mountains in the background - oil - 8 x 10
À la baie des Chaleurs (Around Chaleur Bay) – oil – 8 x 10 – $1,165



Below are a few more paintings related to the sea and fishing that Clemence St. Laurent has produced over the years. These were scanned from old available photos and slides, so the end result varies. The Tall Ships charcoal drawing was made by the artist at the age of 13.

The shore at Ste. Flavie, Quebec, showing the seaweed left behind from the high tide, with driftwood in the foreground.
L’après-midi, à Ste-Flavie (The shore at Ste-Flavie)
Charcoal of tall ships in the moonshine - done by the artist in 1936, at age 13
Grands voiliers – fusain (Tall Ships – Charcoal) 1936
At the beach in Florida - painting is showing people meeting and chatting and sunbathing
À la plage (At the Beach) 1979
 Fishing boats on the ice, in the middle of a cold winter
Bateaux de pêche sur la glace (Fishing Boats on the Ice)
Seagulls flying over the shore, with choppy waters hitting reef rocks.
Goélands le long de la rive (Seagulls on the Coast) – 8 x 10
Fishing nets drying, Acapulco, Mexico - 18 x 24, 1961
Séchage des filets (Fishing Nets Drying) Acapulco, Juin 1961 – 18 x 24