ROSES (English)

ROSES are so important in this collection of paintings from artist Clemence St. Laurent that they have their own page here. Since the rose has a long history with human civilization in several aspects, some bits of information and quotes are also presented.

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The artwork original titles in French are mentioned first, followed by an English title in brackets.

For easier viewing, the rose paintings have been classified according to whether they are sprays or in a vase. Furthermore, due to their number the collection of rose sprays is presented according to their color. Please click on your choice below:

PINK – Roses in literature

RED – Rose offerings

YELLOW – Perfumery and culinary uses

WHITE – Symbolism

MIXED COLORS – More info

IN A VASE – Growing roses

PINK – Roses in literature

What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.
Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

Of all flowres methinks a rose is best
Shakespeare, The Two Noble Kinsmen

Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose
Gertrude Stein, Sacred Emily
Interpreted to mean that things are what they are (Law of Identity)

Le Roman de la Rose is a huge poem (some 20,000 lines) of France’s 13th century on the Art of Love. Translated versions influenced writers in many countries.

O rose, thou art sick!
The invisible worm
That flies in the night
In the howling storm
Has found out thy bed
Of crimson joy:
And his dark secret love
Does thy life destroy.

William Blake, The Sick Rose

The Rose being an emblem of England, it is often referred to in its literature, for example in Through the Looking Glass, by Lewis Carroll. But rose poetry dates back millennia.

Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you –
Modern version of a 1590 poem by Edmund Spencer, The Faerie Queene

This large spray of pink flowers in multiple shades, all open with medium green foliage, are my roses – oil – 12 x 9 - 1972
Mes roses (My roses) – 1972 – oil – 12 x 9 – $1,555
Spray of three light and medium pink roses with one bud and dark green foliage reaches perfection – oil on canvas – 5 x 4
Perfection – oil on canvas – 5 x 4 – $515
Spray of several pink roses with peach shades and two buds, with dark green foliage is your choice – oil – 8 x 6 – Mar. 1997
Fleurs choisies (Your choice) – oil – 8 x 6 – Mar. 1997 – $865


RED – Rose offerings

SAY IT WITH FLOWERS –the practice of expressing personal sentiments with flowers, especially roses, apparently started in Europe in the 1700s.

Valentine Day dates back from the Roman era. It was a day to celebrate Christian martyrs.

Valentine began to be associated with courtly love by Geoffrey Chaucer in England’s 13th century. Then in the 1700s, lovers were presenting confectionery and greeting cards.

From England, Valentine traditions spread through many parts of the world, becoming more commercialized in the process.

 This spray of medium pink roses with touches of white, and deep pink buds with dark green foliage will be comforting you – oil – 7 x 5
Réconfort (Comforting You) – oil – 7 x 5 – $690
The passion displayed by this spray of red roses and dark green foliage on a medium grey background – oil – 7 x 5
Passion – oil – 5 x 4 – $515
With all my love, I give you this spray of deep pink roses with buds and dark green foliage on a medium grey background
Tout mon amour (With all my love) – oil – 7 x 5 – $690


YELLOW – perfumery and culinary uses

The Damask Rose is cultivated extensively for the perfume and the aromatherapy industries. Products are rose absolute, rose oil, and rose water.

Rose fragrance is also used for soaps and hand and body lotions.

Roses and their products are also used in foods. For example Turkish Delight is a dessert using rose water. Rose petals have a delicate flavor. Rose hips are rich in Vitamin C.

Roses were long cultivated by kings and other privileged people. They were also grown in monasteries for religious and medicinal purposes.

Spray of bright yellow roses and buds with dark green foliage on a medium grey background with dark golden tones, sunny roses for you – oil – 8 x 6
Des roses pour toi (Sunny roses for you) – oil – 8 x 6 – $865
Spray of yellow and peach roses and buds with medium green foliage remind a sunrise in the morning – oil – 8 x 6 - 1995
Lever de soleil (Morning Sunrise) – 1995 – oil – 8 x 6 – $855
Spray of yellow roses with shades of white with light green foliage on a medium grey background, a yellow sensation – oil – 7 x 5
Parfun de soleil (Yellow Sensation) – oil – 7 x 5 – $690


WHITE – Symbolism

The rose symbolizes love and beauty. It has been associated with many gods in ancient civilizations.

The WAR OF THE ROSES is named after a war between the House of York (White Rose) and the House of Lancaster (Red Rose), in 15th century England.

Some US states and one Canadian province have the rose as their flower emblem: Alberta (wild rose); Georgia (Cherokee rose); DC (American Beauty rose); North Dakota (wild prairie rose); and Iowa (pasture rose)

Spray of large white roses and buds on medium grey background make you feel like on cloud nine – oil – 5 x 4
Septième ciel (Cloud Nine) – oil – 5 x 4 – $515
Spray of white roses and buds with greyish tones and medium green foliage on a light grey background with golden tones at the top – oil – 7 x 5
Éternité (Eternity) – oil – 7 x 5 – $690
dimensions and prices, Spray of large roses as white as snow with sparse green foliage on a medium grey background – oil – 5 x 4
Roses neige (Snow roses) – oil – 5 x 4 – $515


MIXED COLORS – More info

Most civilizations use flowers for religious occasions or gifts. Each flower and color has different attributes which can vary over time.

The first mention or illustration of roses date back some 5,000 years. Artist Clemence Saint-Laurent adds to this long tradition with her unique style of painting beautiful roses.

The oldest living rose is the ‘Thousand Year Rose , a climbing dog rose on the Hildesheim Cathedral in Germany. It’s around 700 years old!

A BED OF ROSES: similar meaning to ‘la dolce vita’, i.e. life of ease and pleasure

NO ROSE WITHOUT A THORN: a pleasure comes with something to detract from it

UNDER THE ROSE: in strict confidence

GOLD-DIPPED ROSE: a technique for preserving roses with gold, to offer as a gift to a significant other

GOLDEN ROSE: a spray of roses made of gold, blessed by the pope and conferred to cities or churches for their services to the Catholic church

Flowers for an occasion is a spray of white, pink and coral roses in full bloom with rose buds on a medium grey background – oil – 7 x 6
Fleurs pour une occasion (Flowers for an occasion) – oil – 7 x 5 – $690
My bouquet is a spray of white and deep pink roses with a few buds and moss green foliage on a light grey background – oil – 5 x 4
Mon bouquet (My Bouquet) – oil – 5 x 4 – $515
Expressing tender feelings with a spray of yellow, white and red roses with matching buds on a light grey background – oil – 8 x 6
Gerbe de fleurs (Tender Feelings) – oil – 8 x 6 – $855


IN A VASE – Growing roses

Please click here to see roses in various gardens around the world.

Napoleon Ist’s wife, Josephine, developed vast gardens at the chateau of Malmaison, among them a large collection of roses.

The rose originated from Asia. There are today about 100 species of roses, but thousands of cultivars.

Roses interbreed easily but the results are not always predictable.

A ROSARIAN is an expert on roses, such as a breeder or a grower.

DAVID AUSTIN is a British rosarian, known for developing the English rose cultivars.

ROSES are classified according to different characteristics – growth habit, hybridization history, rusticity, color, old vs modern.

ROSE SOCIETIES have been instrumental in the selection of modern roses and their popularity in gardens all over the world.

Bouquet of yellow and golden roses with buds in a grey oval-shaped vase on a dark grey background, a true heart of gold – oil – 10 x 8
Un coeur d’or (Heart of Gold) – oil – 10 x 8 – $1,195
Cut three-tone pink roses and buds spread an aerial fragrance from a light blue round vase with golden rings at the top and bottom – oil – 7 x 5
Parfum céleste (Aerial Fragrance) – oil – 7 x 5 – $690
Profuse bouquet of pink roses in different tones with cascading flowers and petals on the right side, in a dark grey vase with pink reflections and a matching background – oil – 7 x 5
Roses en cascade (Cascading Roses) – oil – 7 x 5 – $690
Pour te plaire (To Please You) - oil - 8 x 6
Pour te plaire (To Please You) – oil – 8 x 6 – $865