Many of Mrs. Saint-Laurent’s paintings of animals involve the ones that were close to her family, starting with their dogs. She lived for decades in a part of the country where hunting was a tradition for everyone able to safely handle a shotgun or a rifle.

Most of the time the family dogs were beagles, a hound type of dog with a keen sense of smell for hunting hare. Which they did as best they could. They would also hunt ruffed grouse with the same enthusiasm.

The artist had a good reputation for preparing delicious dishes from the small game hunted by the family dog. The dishes were enjoyed as much by family than friends and guests.

Dog is man’s best friend. This was easily verified with the family beagle, a breed with a gentle disposition.

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The artwork original titles in French are mentioned first, followed by an English title in brackets.

Animals - Young couple going for a hike in the forest, followed by the family beagle as a guard dog – oil – 16 x 20
Le chaperon discret – The guard dog – oil – 16 x 20 – $4,115
Animals - A man getting his horse ready for a ride exercising on a trail in the fall in the mountainside, Gaspesie, Quebec – oil – 5 x 7
Exercice en Gaspésie (Exercising in Gaspesie) – oil – 5 x 7 $630

Here are more paintings of dogs, however those are not currently available for sale:

Animals - boy and his dog, detail
Garçon et son chien (Boy and His Dog) detail
Animals - Nickie, the family beagle hound
Nickie, la beagle favorite de la famille (The Beloved Family Beagle Hound)
Animals - Beagle bound sniffing tracks
Une autre beagle de la famille, Nickie II (Another family beagle)