Clemence Saint-Laurent has done several abstract paintings during her career. Below are some that are still available for sale. All of them were painted on paper, and most of them are acrylics. Very few of those paintings had been given a title by the artist, so a title was found for the others, which may not necessarily reflect the artist’s original intent. Mrs. Saint-Laurent also rarely signed her abstract paintings.

A possible explanation for this differential treatment of her abstract paintings by the artist might be the fact that she was herself referring to the period in her life where she created those paintings as her ‘années fofolles’ (‘nutty years’), as if she would not be entirely comfortable with this side of her artistic creativity.

THE WATERMARK ON THE PHOTOS DOES NOT APPEAR ON THE ACTUAL PAINTINGS. You can zoom on each painting available for sale by clicking on the + sign.

The price of each individual painting is shown in Canadian dollars. To place an order please go to this page: ORDERING.

The artwork original titles in French are mentioned first, followed by an English title in brackets.

Abstract paintings - Verdigris shades of green with copper, white and yellow spots – acrylic on paper – 11 x 8.5
Vert-de-gris (Verdigris) – acrylic on paper – 11 x 8.5- signed – $145
Abstract paintings - Black holes and fiery galaxies in a mysterious universe of dark worlds – acrylic on paper – 7 x 5
Ténèbres (Dark Worlds) – acrylic on paper – 7 x 5 – $140
Yellow, peach and white flower-shaped spots on a light salmon background create a floral outburst – oil on paper – 8 x 6
Explosion florale (Floral burst) – oil on paper – 8 x 6 – $140
Abstract painting of mainly yellow and black brush and spatula strokes evoking a tiger
Tigre (Tiger) – acrylic on paper – 8 x 6 – $140
Profusion of small multi-colored flowers on a light pink and grey background – acrylic on paper – 8 x 6
Fleurs (Flowers) – acrylic on paper – 8 x 6 – $140
Abstract paintings - Large bleeding heart shaped red spots spread among yellow, white and black shapes – acrylic on paper – 5 x 7
Coeurs saignants (Bleeding Hearts) – acrylic on paper – 5 x 7 – $140
Abstract paintings - Ice crystals in various related tones - acrylic on paper – 7 x 5
Crystaux (Crystals) – acrylic on paper – 7 x 5 – $140
Abstract paintings - Seaweed left on a sand and pebble beach by the receding tide – acrylic on paper – 7 x 5
Varech (Seaweed) – acrylic on paper – 7 x 5 – $140
Ripe cherries scattered on a background of greens, yellows and pinks – acrylic on paper – 7 x 6
Cerises (Cherries) – acrylic on paper – 7 x 6 – $140
Abstract paintings - Fingerprints planted in semi-transparent black, orange, red and yellow tones on a white background – acrylic on paper – 7 x 5
Empreintes (Fingerprints) – acrylic on paper – 7 x 5 – $140


Here are more paintings from Clemence St. Laurent in the ‘Abstract’ category, which are not currently available for sale:

Abstract paintings - Spruce covered in snow and ice
Épinettes en forêt boréale (Spruce in Boreal Forest)
Abstract painting of a forest in the fall with fiery colors
Forêt d’automne (Forest in the Fall)
Abstract paintings - Bottles in multicolored cubic shapes
”Gambade” – 1965
Abstract paintings - Mother and Child, cubic form - 12 x 16 - 1995
Mère et enfant (Mother and Child) – 12 x 16 – 1995
Abstract paintings, Thistles
Chardons (Thistles) 1973
Abstract paintings, Sea Stars
Étoiles de mer (Sea Stars)
Abstract paintings - Birds flying under a glacier
Oiseaux en cage glacée (Gulls Flying Under a Glacier)
Feu de forêt (Forest Fire) - 1960
Feu de forêt (Forest Fire) – 1960
Abstract paintings - Faces appearing throughout from a mainly blue background
Visages de nulle part (Faces Out of the Blue)
Abstract paintings - New York with a fiery sunset
New York le soir (New York at night)
Abstract paintings, Thorns
Épines (Thorns) 8 x 10
Abstract paintings, Seagulls
Goélands au Canada (Seagulls in Canada)
Abstract paintings - Birds of Paradise flowers
Oiseaux du paradis (Birds of Paradise)
Abstract paintings - Fireworks
Feux d’artifice (Fireworks) 1960
Abstract paintings - Forest
Forêt (Forest)
Abstract paintings - Key in G in cubic form with blue tones
Clé de sol (Key in G)
Abstract paintings, White Spots in Diamond
Ballons blancs (White bubbles)
Abstract paintings, Sun spots
Taches solaires (Sun Spots)